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DELL Precision 5570

Dell Precision 5570 i5-12600H 15.6 3840x2400 Touch 32GB 2,25TB SSD NVMe NVIDIA RTX A1000 W10P 3NBD
  • Precision 5570
  • N202P5570EMEA_VP
  • DELL
  • i5-12600H
  • 36
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DELL Precision 55708 917,50PLN
1.2TB NVMei5-12600H
DELL Precision 55709 231,15PLN
1.2TB NVMei5-12600H
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  • DELL
  • Core I5
  • i5-12600H
  • 2,7 GHz
  • 4,5 GHz
  • 18 MB
  • 12 rdzeni, 16 wątków
  • 32GB
  • DDR5
  • 4800 MHz
  • 2.2TB
  • 2 szt.
  • 3500MB/s
  • NVME m.2 PCIe x4 - osiąga wydajność do 8000MB/s
  • 15.6
  • IPS
  • 500
  • 100%
  • 3840x2400
  • Tak
  • NVIDIA RTX™ A1000
  • 4GB
  • NIE : opcjonalnie na USB SLIM 120gram
  • TAK
  • Tak
  • brak
  • Tak (Z funkcją podczerwieni IR)
  • 720p
  • TAK
  • Tak
  • Nie
  • TAK
  • Wbudowany Czytnik Kart pamięci flash
  • TAK
  • TAK
  • 3 szt.
  • 1 szt.
  • TAK - opcjonalnie - podłączana przez port USB-C , z opcją ładowania baterii notebooka przez stacje
  • 6 cell
  • 86 Wh
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro / 11 Pro
  • Aluminiowa
  • Tytanowy szary
  • 2,13
  • 36 miesięcy
  • NEXT BUSINESS DAY - Onsite service (naprawa w 1 dzień roboczy we wskazanym miejscu - gwarancja w Dell liczona jest od daty produkcji )
  • Oryginalne opakowanie, okablowanie, zasilacz, instrukcje. Konfiguracja CTO* (Configure To Order) Niektóre elementy mogą zostać doposażone przez nasz autoryzowany serwis
_div_ _div_ _div_ _h2_Brings power to your prowess_/h2_ _div_You bring the ideas, Precision 5570 brings them to life._br_Up to Intel Core i9 | 8GB NVIDIA RTX A2000 graphics | Up to 64GB of 4800MHz DDR5 memory | Up to 8TB of storage_/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _div__img src=https://i.dell.com/sites/csimages/Video_Imagery/all/let-inspiration-flow-thumb.png alt=Let inspiration flow_ _div__/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _h2_Dell Optimizer for Precision_/h2_ _div_Our built-in AI platform learns how you work and adapts to create a smarter, more personalized experience._br__br_*Not all Dell Optimizer for Precision features are available on every Precision workstation._/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _div_????_/div_ _/div_ _div_Intelligent Audio_/div_ _div_Intelligent Audio enhances your audio quality and reduces background noises, so you can hear and be heard, creating a better conference experience for all._/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div__/div_ _/div_ _div_ExpressResponse_/div_ _div_With Intel® Adaptix™ Technology, prioritize your most important apps, so they open faster and perform better._/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_????_/div_ _/div_ _div_ExpressSign-in_/div_ _div_The workstation proximity sensor enabled by Intel® Context Sensing Technology detects your presence to instantly wake and log you in via the IR camera (with EMZA technology) and Windows Hello. It locks upon walking away, so your work stays safe._/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _div_????_/div_ _/div_ _div_ExpressCharge_/div_ _div_AI adapts to your charge patterns to improve battery performance. ExpressCharge Boost delivers 35% charge in 20 minutes, or up to 80% in one hour._a_*_/a__/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_????_/div_ _/div_ _div_ExpressConnect_/div_ _div_New ExpressConnect automatically joins the strongest access point in the office and directs bandwidth to critical applications, wherever you work._/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div__/div_ _/div_ _div_Analytics_/div_ _div_Analyze your system and generate reports on workload, system performance and system diagnostics for insights that help you create a personalized performance for the way you work._/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _div__img src=https://i.dell.com/images/global/general/1x1.gif alt=Picture of two Dell Precision 15 5570 Mobile Workstations, one of them dismantled showing the product keyboard inside. data-src=//i.dell.com/is/image/DellContent/content/dam/ss2/product-images/dell-client-products/workstations/mobile-workstations/precision/15-5570/pdp/mobile-workstation-precision-15-5570-pdp-module-5.psd?fmt=png-alpha&wid=3000&hei=2455__/div_ _/div_ _div_ _h2_Design and create your masterpieces_/h2_ _div_Built for design and creative applications like:_br_• Design – 2D, 3D CAD_br_• Retail floor design and layout_br_• Education_br_• Web design_br_• Music production_/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _div__img src=https://i.dell.com/sites/csimages/Video_Imagery/all/window-hello-rollupimage.png alt=Windows Hello_ _div__/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _h2_Security you can count on_/h2_ _div__b_The Windows Hello-compatible_/b_IR Camera with proximity sensor recognizes you and automatically locks and unlocks to increase privacy and productivity._br__b_The fingerprint reader_/b_built into the power button uses biometrics to log you in quickly and ensures that only you have access to your sensitive data and private work._br__b_Chassis intrusion sensor_/b_identifies when the chassis or BIOS have been compromised._/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _div__img src=https://i.dell.com/images/global/general/1x1.gif alt=Windows 11 data-src=//i.dell.com/is/image/DellContent//content/dam/global-site-design/product_images/page/landing-page/windows-11/pdp/windows-11-cml-iw.psd?fmt=png-alpha&wid=1400&hei=800__/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div__b_Windows 11 Pro - designed for hybrid work._/b_The most productive and secure version of Windows yet—but simple for IT._br__a href=https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/lp/windows-11 target=_blank_Learn More_/a__/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _div__img src=https://i.dell.com/images/global/general/1x1.gif alt=Picture of two Dell Precision 5570 Mobile Workstations placed sideways with numbers from 1 to 5 signaling the product ports. data-src=//i.dell.com/is/image/DellContent/content/dam/ss2/product-images/dell-client-products/workstations/mobile-workstations/precision/15-5570/pdp/mobile-workstation-precision-15-5570-pdp-module-7.psd?fmt=png-alpha&wid=912&hei=437__/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _h2_Ports & Slots_/h2_ _div_ _div_1. USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C Display port_br_2. Full-sized SD card reader_br_3. Universal audio port_/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_4. Wedge shaped lock slot_br_5. (2) Thunderbolt 4.0 Type-C port (1x Power Delivery)_/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _div__img src=https://i.dell.com/images/global/general/1x1.gif alt=Picture of a Dell Precision 5570 Workstation with its back visible and numbers from 1 to 3 signaling dimensions & weight. data-src=//i.dell.com/is/image/DellContent/content/dam/ss2/product-images/dell-client-products/workstations/mobile-workstations/precision/15-5570/pdp/mobile-workstation-precision-15-5570-pdp-module-8.psd?fmt=png-alpha&wid=912&hei=510__/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _h2_Dimensions & Weight_/h2_ _div_ _div_1. Front Height: 0.30 (7.70 mm)_br_Rear Height: 0.56 (11.64 mm) _br_2. Width: 13.56 (344.40 mm)_br_3. Depth: 9.07 (230.30 mm)_br__br__a href=https://www.delltechnologies.com/asset/en-us/products/workstations/technical-support/precision-5570-spec-sheet.pdf target=_blank_View 5570 Spec Sheet_/a__/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_Starting Weight: 4.06 lbs. (1.84 kg)_a_*_/a__/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _h2_Essential office accessories for your Precision 5570 mobile workstation_/h2_ _div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _div__img src=https://i.dell.com/images/global/general/1x1.gif alt=Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse | KM7321W data-src=//i.dell.com/is/image/DellContent/content/dam/global-asset-library/Products/peripherals_dell/Keyboards/km7321w/km7321w_xkb_02_gy_jp.psd?fmt=jpg&wid=4552&hei=1646__/div_ _/div_ _div_Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse | KM7321W_/div_ _div_Multi-task seamlessly across 3 devices with this premium full-size keyboard and sculpted mouse combo featuring programmable shortcuts and 36 months battery life_a_*_/a_._/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div__img src=https://i.dell.com/images/global/general/1x1.gif alt=Dell Ecoloop Pro Sleeve 15-16 CV5623 data-src=//i.dell.com/is/image/DellContent/content/dam/global-asset-library/Products/Electronics_and_Accessories/Dell/Carrying_Cases/ecoloop-pro-sleeve-15-16-cv5623/dell-ecoloop-pro-sleeve-15-16_cv5623_8-568x562.psd?fmt=jpg&wid=534&hei=467__/div_ _/div_ _div_Dell Ecoloop Pro Sleeve 15-16 CV5623_/div_ _div_An eco-conscious sleeve for your laptop up to 16 that offers on-the-go protection._/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div__img src=https://i.dell.com/images/global/general/1x1.gif alt=Dell Premier ANC Wireless Headset | WL7022 data-src=//i.dell.com/is/image/DellContent/content/dam/ss2/products/electronics-and-accessories/dell/headsets/headset-dell-wl7022-bk.psd?fmt=jpg&wid=5000&hei=2813__/div_ _/div_ _div_Dell Premier ANC Wireless Headset | WL7022_/div_ _div_Collaborate with ease anywhere with this Teams certified wireless headset which offers active noise cancellation and smart sensors that automatically mute and unmute your call._/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _div__img src=https://i.dell.com/images/global/general/1x1.gif alt=Dell Thunderbolt™ Dock | WD22TB4 data-src=//i.dell.com/is/image/DellContent/content/dam/ss2/products/electronics-and-accessories/dell/dock-dell-wd22tb4-bk.psd?qlt=95&fit=constrain,1&hei=150&wid=280&fmt=png-alpha__/div_ _/div_ _div_Dell Thunderbolt™ Dock | WD22TB4_/div_ _div_Boost your PC's power on the world's first modular Thunderbolt 4 dock with a future-ready design_a_*_/a_._/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div__img src=https://i.dell.com/images/global/general/1x1.gif alt=Dell Portable Monitor | C1422H data-src=//i.dell.com/is/image/DellContent/content/dam/ss2/products/electronics-and-accessories/dell/monitor-dell-c1422h-gy.psd?qlt=95&fit=constrain,1&hei=150&wid=280&fmt=png-alpha__/div_ _/div_ _div_Dell Portable Monitor | C1422H_/div_ _div_Experience dual-screen productivity anywhere with Dell's first-ever 14 portable monitor._/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div__/div_ _div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _div__img src=https://i.dell.com/images/global/general/1x1.gif alt=Picture of three Dell Precision 5570 Mobile Workstations placed side by side, two opened and one closed. data-src=//i.dell.com/is/image/DellContent/content/dam/ss2/product-images/dell-client-products/workstations/mobile-workstations/precision/15-5570/pdp/mobile-workstation-precision-15-5570-pdp-module-11.psd?fmt=png-alpha&wid=3000&hei=1879__/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div__b_EPEAT Registered_/b__br_The entire portfolio of Precision workstations is EPEAT registered and the majority meet the highest standards in sustainability criteria, making them EPEAT Gold._br__br__b_Responsible Packaging_/b__br_Our new Precision 5000 Series reduces single-use plastics by nesting accessories within a system packaging tray made from ocean-bound plastic._a_*_/a__br__br__b_Circular Economy/Takeback_/b__br_Help us in our mission to make our products with at least 50% recycled or renewable content. Send your e-waste (any brand) to us for recycling or reuse in support of a circular economy. Learn more at _a href=https://www.dell.com/Recycle target=_blank_Dell.com/Recycle_/a_._/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _div_ _div_ _div_ _div__img src=https://i.dell.com/images/global/general/1x1.gif alt=Picture of a man in a blue sweater and glasses with a tablet on the left hand and the right hand on wires on the wall. data-src=//i.dell.com/is/image/DellContent/content/dam/ss2/product-images/dell-client-products/workstations/fixed-workstations/precision/3660/pdp/fixed-workstation-precision-3660-pdp-module-13.psd?fmt=jpg&wid=400&hei=400&fit=constrain,1&qlt=85__/div_ _/div_ _div_ _h2_We’ve got your business covered_/h2_ _div_ _div__b_ProDeploy Client Suite:_/b_Greater speed, less effort and more control. _/div_ _div_ _/div_ _div__b_ProSupport:_/b_24x7 access to in-region advanced technology experts._/div_ _div_ _/div_ _div__b_ProSupport Plus:_/b_All the capabilities of ProSupport with so much more._/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_ _/div_

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